More Thanksgiving

J and Hannah...soo cute! She had all the boys wrapped around her little finger. Watch out for her, she'll probably be a heartbreaker one day. (oh, and notice the stuffed animal pug? Yeah, we've pretty brainwashed our entire family on pugs. Hunter and Hannah have 3 stuffed animal pugs between them!)

Then there's Hunter with an infectious smile and laugh. He was too much fun!

Anywhere Jason went, Hannah was sure to follow, with the biggest grin you've ever seen.

Brian with a girly drink, drinkin' it girly-style.

The obsession with Jason continues.

Hunter and his Gigi (is that how you spell it, Mom?). She's affectionately called Geeg.

It's really unfair how much those kids like their Unkie Jas.

I really wish I'd gotten a picture of all the awesome food we had (thanks Mom and Mia!). Maybe next year...or even Christmas. Sure, I'll be on the ball for Christmas. Sure...