holiday crafting

Since J had to take pictures at a high school basketball game last friday night, I had some alone time, which proved perfect for finally putting together my ornament wreath!

I'd scoured every Dollar Tree in a 25 mile radius {all two of them...} and loaded up on red and gold baubles.

To my crafting supplies I went. Hot glue gun: check, wire coat hanger: check, about 70 ornaments: check. I was ready.

About an hour, two glue sticks and three pounds of glitter later, I had myself a cute little red and gold ornament wreath. My only problem now? Where to hang the sucker. My original idea was the hang it in the middle of one of our windows, but that's where we plan to put the tree, which means my hard work would be overshadowed. Not ok.

So, for now, it's hanging on a door knob in the hallway and as soon as I get some red ribbon for the top, it just might stay there.

Pictures to come...