Everything's a dollar? For real?

I have a newfound obsession with the Dollar Tree. Unlike Dollar General, everything really is a dollar. Nothing is $1.99 or $1.75, nope, everything is really a dollar {or less}.

I went to DT on Tuesday for said ornaments and though there was a small section of holiday biz-nazz, I was pretty impressed. I got several packages of ornaments and some wrapping paper. Total? A little more than $9.

I went to DT today {another location, thankyouverymuch}, and loaded up on more ornaments {do I have a slight problem?? Answer: yes.} and some red and gold candles.

By the time I'm done with Christmas decorations shopping {and stalking every DT in a 100-mile radius} our house is going to look like it threw up red and gold. Awesome! Let me know if you're having red and gold withdrawls, we 'd love to have you over.