Christmas 2009

With the possibility of a "Blizzard '09" we were getting excited that Christmas was only days away on Wednesday.

Thursday morning, I woke up to pouring {freezing} rain. The dogs tried their hardest to refuse to go to outside, but I talked them into take care of business, and then enjoying the warmth of the house.

By around 9:30 or so, the rain had turned to freezing rain/sleet. And let me tell ya, the winds were a force to reckoned with. The weathermen {who took over all of the local stations for at least 12 hours straight} were saying the winds were sustained around 40 mph with gusts around 60 mph.

I did a little precooking for Christmas day and a little work {boo!} and did my best to stay inside.

By noon or 1, the sleet had turned to snow, complete with high winds and huge snowflakes! We were destined for a white Christmas! It snowed until around 8pm, and even then the winds were still whipping the snow around and the temperatures were freezing!

With church canceled, we hunkered down at J's parent's house. Dinner was quiet, but it was nice to be inside and nestled in with loved ones. We felt fortunate, since we knew there were people out there stuck in their cars on closed highways with little food and little hope of getting to their ultimate destination.

Christmas morning was great! I got up and took the pugs outside {again, they were very hesitant to be out in the snow} and hung out. J got up not too long after, so we checked out our stockings {which probably took 5 minutes...they were kinda sparse} and then opened the few presents we had under our tree.

Then we braved the short trek to his parents' house. Christmas morning was great! Such good company and everyone was so generous! I really missed my family, but J's family is the best substitute I could ask for!

We didn't think the extended family was going to make it, but they also braved the roads and made it to Christmas lunch!

I didn't take many pictures, but we had a great holiday! I can't believe how fast it comes and goes. I hope everyone had a safe, and joyous Christmas as well!

Here are my few pictures from the snow {from my phone}:

Earlyish in the day, with sleet starting to accumulate

J's parents' backyard by late afternoon -- see that snowdrift up on the back fence??