Christmukkah is this holiday party that two sets of brothers put on in Oklahoma City. I think it's been going on for a couple years {maybe more, who knows...}. Anywho, J and I decided to go this year, and were a little curious as to what it was like.

I guess last year was crazy, because in lieu of a big event center and "random high-schoolers", they chose to cap the number of guests and have it at an undisclosed location.

The plan was to park your car at Penn Square mall, hop on a limo bus {with your choice of beer or RBV} and let it take you to the party--which happened to be at Seven47. It worked out great! We enjoyed the bus ride, the music, the booze...everything!

Before entering the world that is Chrismukkah, we ventured over to Joe's Taverna for his Christmas party. This is the third year we've been invited to Joe's party, and let me tell ya...this was the craziest, by far! After a couple of beers with Joe, we braved the cold and walked back to Seven47.

J and Buddy, his college of Journalism friend

Joe, me {in a crazy pimp hat} and J

Chrismukkah did not disappoint. There was a shot block, there were dancing Mrs. Claus' on the bar, there was a VIP area with hookahs, there was good music! Although I would have liked to have a few more friendly faces there, we had a great time.

Since we were so busy having fun, I only have a few pictures. But, here they are.

On the bus to Seven47 {with a cool piece of hair across my forehead...}

J and the dancing Mrs. Claus'