By the time I'm finished, Santa won't miss our house

I've always wanted my house to be decked out for Christmas, and I've tried in years past, but it seems like this year, I have extra motivation {thanks to all you other crafty bloggers out there!}.

Yesterday, I got home from work and started a little decorating. We still have to go pick out our fake white flocked tree {yes we go to a real Christmas tree farm and pick out our own tree and can even cut it down ourselves!} and put it up and decorate it {I'm hoping that's on the agenda for this weekend}. But, even with the few things I put out yesterday, our house is starting to look a lot more festive.

I still have plans to make this. I've bought a few ornaments for it, but ended up repurposing them before I could even start on the wreath. Yes, I have Christmas-Decorating-ADD. My plan is to replenish and buy a few more ornaments and get it made and hung by this weekend also.

I also want to get some garland and pine cones and more ornaments and some lights and some...haha

Poor J, he won't know what hit him.

When the ornament wreath is completed {after who knows how many extra trips to replenish ornaments I repurposed}, I'll post a picture of our holiday decor.