Has anyone noticed the number of different Christmas blow-ups available now? Of the ones that I've seen this year, the highlights have to be {in no particular order}:

•winter-themed playing Christmas carols {imagine the electric bill on that bad boy...}
•Santa in his bi-plane with a turning prop
•Christmas-themed merry-go-round, with real turning parts.

and my absolute fave...the nativity scene.

Yes, while in Austin last weekend, I saw a front yard sporting this holiday symbol dressed in its finest poly-blow-up material {or whatever they may be using}.

Ok, but seriously, a blow-up nativity scene?? I mean I guess I understand the desire of some blow-up sitting in your yard practically shouting at passersby your love for the holiday season. But, a nativity scene? I just don't think it screams "Jesus is the reason for the season" when he, Mary, Joseph, the three wise men, a couple of camels and a cow are made out of commercial vinyl being blown up with an air pump.

But maybe I come from a place of no, not a place of yes.