What I want for Christmas

Since Christmas is right around the corner {yessssssss!}, I thought I'd give all you eager generous gift-givers out there a little insight into what I'm craving. I'm going to post {at least} one item a week that anyone who might be around 5'4" with brown hair and hazel eyes {hey, that's me!} would love!

The first item on my list {but, really, this is in no particular order} is a Michael Kors watch. I have a watch, but it's very small and very ladylike, and I think sometimes, I don't want to be small and ladylike {that's what she said?}, I want to wear a big ol' chunky watch, and Michael "King of American Design" Kors knows what he's doin'.

Gold Oversized Runway Watch

White Midsized Chronograph Watch {195}

I like both of these watches, and honestly, MK's watches are pretty reasonably priced. Most are between $195 and $250. For a watch {that should last a lifetime} that's a great price! Find them here.

What will be the next item on my list {oooo, the suspense!}