Christmas on the run

It's no secret that I'm into running, and I'm really working on getting myself more training-friendly.

With Christmas around the corner {no, seriously, it's sooner than you}, I've found a few things that would make this whole running thing a little easier {well not so much easier, as keep me a little better informed/dryer/warmer}.

This is a Garmin wristwatch, and I found it on (here) for $148 (but I'm not sure how long that low low price will last. It's regularly $299) Can I just say that I had no idea these kinds of things existed. Sure, I knew you could have a Garmin for your car, but a watch? This would make tracking mileage much easier than timing myself and then hopping in my car to watch my odometer while I drive the course I just ran. Who knew!

There are cheaper ones available, but if I'm going to go for it, I may as well, go for it.

I already have one of these in purple and I love it! I seriously have to wash it all.the.time since it's my favorite one to wear. It's from Target, and since we all love Target {including me} and their fab sales, you know this one will be cheap. Right now you can find them for $16.99

Then there are these cute side-tie capri running tights. I'd probably prefer some long pants {with the weather on its way to being cold}, but I found these on sale at for $32.90.

Here are a couple of examples of what I'm looking for in running tights. These aren't on sale, and I know I could find some cheaper ones {I'm a bit lazy today}, but I like UnderArmour ones a lot. Both are from and the UA ones are $59.99 and the Nike ones are $50.

There you have it...a couple things that could really enhance my running, as well as my half-marathon goal.