Oh {cold} snap!

The weather has finally turned from fall/spring temperatures to winter temperatures!

The last two mornings {yes, I'm back in my morning workout routine!} have been freezing and super windy. And although the wind and cold usually make one of my eyes water {so weird and so annoying}, I'll take the cold, winter weather.

I hate it when it's warm in November and for the holidays and I have this "rule" that once I've discontinued my flip flops, I will not break them back out, no matter what the outside temps may be, until atleast March.

But, this year, I had to break that rule, and it pained me to do so! Not because my feet look gross because they haven't seen a nail file, bottle of nail polish or capable pedicure hands in too long, but because it's the principle. November = boots, tights, leggings and close-toed shoes. Not flip flops.

Anyway, the weathermen are predicting that the weather will warm up, and I'm sure I can count on 70s for Thanksgiving day {especially since we'll be in balmy Austin}. But, for now, I'll take what I can get. So you better believe that I'm wearing all the cold-weather gear I can get my hands before my hot flashes force me into short sleeves and {gasp!} flip flops!