It's the Holidays

With Thanksgiving behind us, I finally have a little time to sit down and do an update on what we did for the holiday.

J and I {as I mentioned before} finished up our last issue of 2009 right before leaving for Austin to spend some QT with my family. We were both a bit stressed about getting the issue approved and helping his parents get their paper out early, before getting tangled in terrible traffic hitting the road.

We hit the road on Tuesday around 2, which, of course, put us in Fort Worth for rush hour. {While FW is by no means Dallas, the traffic there is no better. It took us the better part of an hour and a half just to get through there. J was so frustrated!} We finally made it to Austin around 8:30 {after a bathroom/gas stop in Waco and a stop at George's to pick up the rolls for Thanksgiving}.

My brother, SIL and niece and nephew flew in around noon on Wednesday. They have a love for Taco Bueno that not many people can understand, so the moment they stepped off of the plane, the plan was to head straight to Bueno for a potato burrito and mexi dips and chips {sooo good!}. Not most poeple's idea of the ideal homecoming meal, but to them, we were eating the finest fast-food-mexican money can buy.

Thursday was very fun, but not without it's "family moments" but the food came out awesome and it was so much fun having everyone together! We had lunch around 2 and then got everyone together for a family picture. We haven't had a good one since J and I tied the knot. After a few attempts we got a couple of good ones and even got "photographic evidence" of my brother having a "mullet" {it's a family joke that will never die...}.

Friday came way too soon, but we were thankful for as much time as we got with my family. We need get up to Denver soon and are maybe planning another long-weekend trip back to Austin sometime before Christmas.

I have a lot of good pictures, but until I have a chance to go through them all, here's a smattering of the good ones {that also happen to already be on the convenient!}

My family, with my mom putting a halo over Mia's head

Hannah Mae with whipped cream on her precious little face...she's pretty darn cute, huh?

nephew Hunter licking the beater...he's also super happy and super cute. Wish we got to see he and his family more often!

This is where Lily would camp out most of the time. She loved that super-soft blanket.