THREE years!!

Three years ago today, J and I had the best night ever!

We were married in Austin {my hometown} at Hope Presbyterian and then our reception was at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum.

That day went by sooo fast. I wasn't really nervous to walk down the aisle, but when the doors opened and I started toward J, I definitely got a little emotional. I loved that I had my dad and grandfather, Popi, escort me. It's something I'll always cherish!

We did the usual ceremony stuff: vows, prayer, unity candle {that we light every year during the week of our anniversary, and is currently lit on our kitchen table}.

A quick sidenote about our unity candle: It's on some shelves with other candles and pictures, etc. Unfortunately, it's fallen off of there a few times and quite a bit has broken off of the top. We like to think of it as a bit of a reflection of a relationship: you stumble and fall but it's still in tact, which serves as  a reminder of the vows that we took.

After the ceremony, we were off to the reception. J and I had dinner upstairs before hitting the reception, and that was our best decision. There's no way we would have been able to sit down and eat anything since we were "working the room" and tearing up the dance floor.

Our honeymoon was in Maui and we were so ready to relax. When we were there, we kept hearing stories from the wedding/reception, so we had to call and find out all of the hilarious stories! For months people kept asking when we were getting married again...if that tells you anything.

Maui was the best. So beautiful. And, most people, while on their honeymoon, go on a sunset cruise or have a candlelit dinner on the beach...we did NONE of those things. We didn't do anything. Our days consisted of getting up {too early}, having some breakfast, hitting the beach, going to the little shopping village {and stocking up on provisions at the ABC store} and finding somewhere great to eat dinner.

So, I'm sure that you want to see pictures now, right. Well, we luckily unfortunately did not get digital pictures. Our photographer used film, and we have yet to get all of the pictures transferred to cds...but I'll work on scanning a few of my faves and post them when I can.

Either way, I want to wish J a VERY happy 3rd anniversary and I look forward to many more to come!