Tasty Tradition

For the last 2 anniversaries, J and I have stayed home the night of our actual anniversary and cooked dinner. And, considering things have been working out, why mess up a good thing?

I got some filets, asparagus and potatoes and we planned to "hunker down" and have a nice dinner {a la TV trays} and watch the Yankees get beat. I had a special surprise for J up my sleeves, though.

J loooves mushrooms, and The Pioneer Woman had an awesome looking recipe for stuffed mushrooms on her blog a couple of months ago. Luckily something triggered my memory and I remembered that I  had emailed myself a link to the recipe, otherwise he would have never tasted these savory treats.

I set out to make the stuffed mushrooms, and though the recipe looked easy enough, I got a little flustered as I got through the steps. I definitely started browning the sausage a little too early, but all in all, the mushrooms turned out great {so J said...I'm not so much a mushroom fan}!

After the mushrooms were in the oven, we started prepping for dinner. Cut up the potatoes {J loves to fry them in our new cast-iron skillet}, oil/salt/pepper the asparagus and season the steaks.

{I could give you the play by play of the cooking of our meal, but I'd be bored just typing it...}

Here are a couple of pretty terrible pics of our food {sorry I was too busy stirring, tossing, etc. the food}.

stuffed mushrooms in the oven

mushrooms fresh from the oven

potatoes in our cast-iron skillet

steaks ready for the grill

asparagus, ready for the grill

Then, we watched the Yankees. Well, correction, I watched about 6 innings and gave up and watched Tuesday and Wednesday's episodes of Young and the Restless {if you aren't watching, you're missing out, btw}.

In defense of the Yanks, Cliff Lee pitched the game of his life, and grease-ball Chase Utley had two home runs. I have to wish the Bronx Bombers better luck tonight...let's tie up the series!