Sunday Funday

Yesterday was a pretty normal lazy Sunday. {Just the kind I love!}

J and I had passes to a concert at the Zoo Amphitheatre, but the weather was kinda nasty, so we made the decision to just skip the concert. Well, that's when Doug called... He and his gf were headed to the Zoo and he wanted to meet up with us.

We tried to just let them have our passes, so they didn't have to buy tickets, but security was a bit tighter than we imagined.

About 10 minutes later, J decides he does want to go, and we left the house at 5:30 for a 5:30 concert in North OKC.

Although it was chilly and kinda drizzly, we had a great time. We missed most of Eli Young Band, but caught the middle acts and most of Zac Brown band {but not the couple of songs we really wanted to hear} before we left.

Luckily, I remembered my here are a couple of pics from our sorta spontaneous Sunday Funday.

Hittin' the road.

Me, J, Doug and Kandis

J and Doug

Me and J {I look kinda awful and that's a raindrop on J's chin}

Doug and Kandis

I'm making this a sort of "double post," because on Friday night, we went to Ardmore for a friend's birthday dinner. We met at a restaurant that was near Lake Murray {wish it had had a view of the lake...}. There were these uhhh-mazing fried bread that were covered in parmesan cheese {I think that's what it was} and i could not get enough!

Dinner was pretty good, I got salmon and J got London Broil, but the company was way better! Here are just a couple of pics...we were having way too much fun to take too many!

Stephanie, Patrick and the birthday boy, Justin

The crazy {and super loud} dinner group!

The girls: Emily, Carolyn, me, Tara and Stephanie