My vision

Since we painted our bedroom in July {I think...}, it's super bare. We have nothing on the walls, and I still haven't finished painting that side table I started on in July {I think...again...}.

I know I posted about that new online-only magazine, Lonny. I was "thumbing" through it again just now and I saw a picture I remember liking from the first time I checked it out.

I really want to make my own headboard, and, before I saw this picture I wanted to use a neutral fabric and maybe spice it up with nailheads or something equally interesting. But, then I came across this picture again, and it makes me want to use a bolder fabric on the headboard {if I ever get it done...}. I love the red animals and flowers, and although a similar fabric wouldn't really work in our bedroom, I'm thinking black stripes or something bold and black, because said side table will eventually {read: soon} be painted black.