It's finally here

If you've been lurking reading our blog at all in the last couple of months, you'll know that the Montgomery family is a bit obsessed with OU/Texas weekend.

After weeks of mediocre football {mostly on OU's part, dangit!}, OU/Texas week is finally here.

Things I am most looking forward to:


•Corn Dogs {and any other type of crazy-fried-goodness you can think of}

•Beer in wax cups {the game is, again, at 11 am this year, which really poses a bit of a moral before noon??}

•Big Tex {our annual meeting place, except last year, when the GameDay crew took it over for their own selfish needs, ugh!}

This year's game is played on my Mom's birthday {which might be a first...the game is at least a week later than ususal}. So, maybe, the football gods will give my mom the present she's always OU win!