The high road

I understand how rivalries work.

I also understand that because I actually attended classes at OU, I have a good grasp of being a Sooner fan. I'm not saying that since you didn't go to OU, you aren't a fan. There are plenty of fans out there that didn't go to OU {my brother being one of them...he actually graduated from UT, and we don't hold it against him}.

More than anything I get irritated when people who didn't attend a single class at a certain university find it necessary to shove it down your {and anyone else who'll listen} throat how much you {specifically you're university} suck.

I grew up in Austin, so I know plenty of people who went to UT. I'm still friends with many of them and I'm definitely "friends" on facebook with a lot of people that went to my high school.

There are a lot of people on there who find it so hilarious to put an OU Sucks status up multiple times a day.

Now, I can handle someone saying OU hurts a little, yes, but it's not something I've never heard and I understand that it comes with the territory.

Just, please, remember that you look like a total d-bag when you can't focus on anything but how much someone else sucks.

That being said...I'm still very excited about this weekend. Even though our chances of actually winning the game are slim, I still plan to make the most of one of my favorite holidays {that's for you Vic}.