Game Day

Yesterday was OU v. Baylor in Norman.

My Dad and brother came up on Friday. We ordered {too much} pizza and watched the Yankees beat the Twins in extra innings. Good game, and a nice little walk-off homerun by Teixiera. {Yep, my sports knowledge spans more than just football.}

On Saturday we were a bit discombobulated. J, his dad and brother had a Sigma Chi House Corp. meeting at 10:30 {I know...don't they know gamedays are for gameday activities??}, so my fam and I hit the bookstore on campus.

Rumor had the weather was going to be a little less than favorable, so Jason {the brother} and I found a nice, soft fleece that we tried to push our dad into wearing for the game. {My dad had only brought a pullover and a windbreaker and their seats are in the upper deck. With winds like they were predicting and the possibility that the sunshine wouldn't last, we thought he might need an extra layer}. He insisted that he was "FINE!", but we didn't take no for an answer and purchased the fleece. {He never needed it and Jason ended up carrying it around the entire day...ha!}

We then proceeded to Hideaway {or Hideaways, as my Mom always says...} and met up with my Uncle John.

A couple of hours and a fab enchilada lunch later, we made our way to the stadium. Sam Bradford returned after 4 weeks out with a shoulder injury. It was great to have him back! The weather really held up for the game. I didn't need my 4th layer at all!

By the time we left the stadium, however, the weather had gotten considerably more chilly. But, all in all, we had a great day. A win is still a win, even if we had to settle for 4 field goals and Sammy B only had one TD pass {in the 4th quarter}.

Next weekend is OU/Texas {I'm sure you're ready to stop hearing about it...}. Although I'm not keeping my hopes up for a Sooner win, we'll have a great time with friends we don't get to see often enough! Plus, you can't beat a day at the State Fair with Big Tex welcoming everyone!

I'll have a corny dog and a beer in a wax paper cup for you!

Jason trying to get out of taking a picture with me and my Dad. {There was a better picture, in my opion, but Jason refused to let me post it.}

Me and J at the game {you can't see them, but there were 2 annoying Baylor fans behind of them was wearing an OU shirt under a Baylor pullover and claimed to be a Texas fan...uhhh, what???}

John's parents {John D & Gracie}