Fried Food & Football

It's Sunday, which means that the 2009 OU/Texas weekend is officially over. Overall, we had a great time. We all know the outcome of the game {if you don't, check ESPN...}.

We hit the road for Dallas on Thursday morning and made a stop in Plano to see John's grandparents. It was so good to see them, since we haven't seen them in probably a year {we can't go that long again, really}.

After that, we made our way to the Galleria for an amazing lunch at the Oceanaire. I've eaten there several times, but this time I got the fish tacos and they were awesome! Sooo good! I really recommend eating there, you will not be disappointed. After lunch, we shopped around the Galleria. I like that mall ok, but it doesn't compare to all.

Out with Katherine and Libby. The Loon was crazy that night!

John and Me

Me and ya lady!

On Friday we spent a marathon day at Northpark, and saw many other OU fans. No seriously, Northpark was crawling with OU fans...where do the Texas fans go? They were nowhere to be found!

Friday night was when the real OU/Texas festivities began. We, as usual, had dinner at Dick's Last Resort in the West End {sorta}. It's probably not my favorite place to go, but you can't deny that it's a tradition to go there on Friday of OU/Texas, and therefore we have to go!

Kristin with her reinforced margarita. She accidentally broke her first one!

The plan was to go out with Libby and Kelly after that, but with the game so early on Saturday and our plan to leave for the fair by 8 {yes, that's 8 in the morning} we called it an early night.

Our plan for getting to the fair was to try out the new lightrail line to get there. And, apparently, that was everyone's plan. We waited on the platform for about 15 mins and when a train finally came {some people had been waiting for more than an hour} it was full. So, we skipped the train and luckily found a single longhorn fan in a giant conversion van cab who was kind enough to share. And, to make the entire situation even better, the driver had the best route...we didn't sniff a bit of traffic!

We hung out at the fair for a while, hoping to see everyone we could {we never did meet up with my dad, uncles and cousin, which I definitely wish we'd been able to do...}.

Me and Jenny. Yes, I have friends that are longhorns...I can look past their questionable judgement {lol...kidding}.

Next up, the game. Our seats were pretty good. We might have been on TV, since the gameday set was just in front of us and one of the cameras was too. Also, Peyton Manning was at the game...standing on the longhorn sideline, chatting with Chris Fowler. {By the 3rd quarter, the poor guy's neck was sunburned. I offered him some sunscreen, but he refused and promptly you think it was me??}.

About the game: our defense was amazing and when we lost Sam, I thought we were done, but we played pretty darn good {for Texas being the #3 team...which they are officially not, sorry}. All in all, losing by 3 points {when we had missed a field goal earlier in the game} was kinda tough to swallow, but even harder to swallow is the fact that we're now 3-3.

Bring on the 2010 season! Ha!

The Game Day crew, including special guest, Mark Cuban {who I knew was going to be on there!}

Peyton Manning {pre-game and pre-red neck.}

Before the game, go Sooners!!

The Prrrrrride of Oklahoma!

We lost...sadface.

Until next time, OU/Texas and State Fair of Texas. 2010 is our year, I can feel it.