We had a great weekend.

It was OU's second home game {vs. Tulsa} and much more of a challenge for our newly-appointed QB, Landry Jones {who might just have the best mustache in all of college football}.

I was a bit irritated with the bit of rain we had to endure pre-game, but it quickly abated and left us with a pretty nice day. Sunny with a nice breeze. Perfect fall football weather.

The game was pretty fun. It's not everyday you have a shut out and it's definitely not everyday you have a shut out against a team that averages 41 points per game. Yeah! And, it looks like our guy Landry might have another receiver to turn to! We may not have to worry about quadruple coverage afterall!

After the game we hit Campus Corner for a few celebratory beers, queso fries and more football!

Of course I forgot my camera, but just imagine us all in great spirits, celebrating a fabulous OU win and a fabulous USC loss! {I know, I'm not so much as celebrating that USC lost, as I am that we get to move up a little more in the polls.}

After all of OU's preseason misfortune, I'm really doing my best to not be like fans from other schools/conferences. It's not cool to get excitement out of others' misfortune. That's my motto for the '09-'10 football season, people. Maybe you should make it yours, too!

Good luck to our boys on their bye-week and then definitely when they head to South Beach to take on a much-improved/almost-scary Miami team! Boomer!!