On the verge

You guys all know that J and I have really gotten into photography. We've taken pictures for a restaurant in Norman a couple of times for their ads and of course, J has been taking pictures for the paper for years {mostly basketball and football}.

Last week, we pulled the trigger and we have 2 new lenses coming in {one is courtesy of The Purcell Register}, as well as a tripod, remote and a UV Filter. Can you tell that we're well on our way to becoming professional photographers? Well, we are.

I've been asked by my friend Beth to create some kind of postcard for her to send out to potential optometry patients. We are tentatively scheduled to take some kind of picture of her for that, and I'm pretty excited that we have these new lenses coming in to take her picture with.

I'll keep you posted. And, if any of you have anything in the works that might want me to help with...let me know! I'm going to try designing our Christmas cards this year, and wouldn't mind doing some for friends!