No Comparison

The Sooners play their first "home" game against BYU this weekend, and while I'm very excited for football season to finally be starting, our first game should have been in Norman.

Can I tell you that this game is taking somewhere around 30 {thirty} million dollars from the city of Norman and all of the businesses around there. Since we deal with several Norman businesses, we've taken it upon ourselves to boycott the game in Arlington. Yes, it will probably be fun {but, not that fun} but that's not a good enough reason to take that kind of money from the town that gives you unending support. Who's with me??

On another note, I've seen many people trying to compare this game to OU/Texas. Seriously?? If you think playing BYU in Arlington at some billion-dollar stadium is the same as playing long-time rival Texas in Dallas at the State Fair is the same thing, then you're delusional. C'mon, people. You cannot say that those crazy Mormons are going to be giving you hell like the Horns will.

I'm a little bummed to be missing the first game of the season {and possibly the first showing of the always-anticipated intro video} but I'll be even more bummed if this game turns into some kind of campaign to move OU/Texas.

So, if you're headed to Arlington to cheer on the Sooners, please do so, and very loud. But, don't have too much fun and remember, there's no comparison to playing OU/Texas in Dallas at the state fair.