The look for less

How much do you guys love Target? I think it's safe to say that i LOOOOVE Target.

Now, because i LOOOOVE Target, I'm always right on top of the who's going to be the newest designer doing their looks for less. And, three days ago, Anna Sui debuted her line for Target.

Can I tell you that I love her stuff? I have a dress of hers that I got from Anthropologie a couple of years ago that I still absolutely love. I've worn it to several weddings, and although I haven't broken it out in a while, it's still always at the top of my list.

Anyway, her Target line is pretty great. This dress is definitely one of my faves {and it's only $69.99!!}. I've also found a couple of other must-haves.

If you aren't familiar with Anna Sui, check her out here and then check out her stuff at Target, I think you'll love the pretty clothes ... and the pretty prices. Her aesthetic is kinda modern-boho-chic and definitely wearable. I'm not all that boho in my everyday styling, but a piece here and there could potentially take a look from "eh" to "wow"!

The other thing {that I just thought of} is that I really love all those fab embellished t-shirts. There are a bunch at J.Crew and I've found a couple from other designers. But, it just seems like $125 {or more} for a t-shirt is a teensy bit outrageous... So, I'm wondering if it would be doable to make your own? Would this require a sewing machine? Do I need a bedazzler? These are important questions, people.