The bet

As promised, I got back on track with my working out. I ran on Saturday, and while pounding the pavement, I had quite the "aha!" moment.

I had a goal at the end of the summer to get to a particular weight, but...well...I chose really great food and drink over shedding pounds. {Not that hard of a decision to make, but maybe not the best decision to choose.} Anyway, with OU/Texas right around the corner {I say this every year, but I cannot believe it's almost OU/Texas, much less, October!}, I want to look my best!

I proposed a little wager to the hubs on Saturday. The terms of the bet are as follows:

1) Weigh in before the bet starts {done, on my part, J, on the other hand, is waiting...not quite fair, but whatever, I'll turn a blind eye}

2) Winner is the spouse that has lost the most lbs by OU/Texas {we don't have a specific date set yet, but I'm thinking we should get on that}

3) The winner gets a massage

Now, my thoughts on the whole thing are that it's a win-win for both of us. If I win, I not only lost weight, but I also get a massage {I'm thinking, if J will let me, I'll trade that in for a little retail therapy, but we'll see. And if I lose, I've still lost some weight {fingers crossed here}, J's lost some weight, and he gets a massage.

I do not see a down side.