The best time of year

I'm so pumped that we're finally in the midst of fall! Every year around this time, I'm always looking forward to football, cooler weather, fall clothes {I love me some sweaters, jeans, boots, etc}, the leaves turning and of course, all the good tv shows coming back!

Not that I really need to be taking on any new shows, but it's always nice to have a full DVR waiting for a rainy day, right?

Shows I'm most looking forward to {in no particular order, of course}:

How I Met Your Mother {J and I got into this last's hilarious!}
Gossip Girl {Next week!!!}
Greek {It's already started, and I love it!}
Rachel Zoe Project {It's a guilty pleasure...}

{so sad Big Brother is over next Tues...}
90210 {I sorta watched this last season...maybe I'll get back into it.}
Maybe So You Think You Can Dance {I love dance shows...I just can't handle all of the audition episodes}
The Biggest Loser {It's a serious tear-jerker}
Melrose Place {I've DVRed the first episode, so we'll see...}

Top Chef
Glee {I've DVRed the first ep, but haven't watched it yet. I have my fingers crossed though}

Project Runway
The Hills {Sept. 29! I just hope K. Cavallari doesn't annoy the crap outta me...}

I don't watch much tv on Fridays, but I've caught Ghost Whisperer once and I liked it...I might think about adding it to my repertoire.

The only acceptable thing to watch is College Gameday and football

60 Minutes {I'll endure 5 mins with Andy Rooney for good informational tv}
The Amazing Race {I love this show!!!}

I know, I really watch wayyy too much tv, but luckily I DVR most of it and watch it on a lazy Sunday or when I'm folding laundry {bleh}.

What shows are you looking forward to this fall??

{BTW, this is my 50th post!!}