30 Minutes

I've had a lofty goal for last two weeks or so...

I've taken it upon myself to try my hand at training for a half marathon. I've checked online and found a training program.

Now, I'm not exactly a "runner," ya know? I'm not one to love running miles on end. So, why am I taking on a half marathon?? Gooood question.

I kind of think having a goal is the best way to motivate me to continue working out. And, I think I'm right.

One of the things that the training program says is that you need to be able to run for 30 minutes before you can really start training. I can do that, no problem {as long as I'm on a treadmill, watching my favorite DVRed TV}. Since I know I can do that on a treadmill, I needed to know if I could do it outside, with all the hills, etc. My first attempt didn't go so hot. I made it for 21 minutes and my legs were like jelly. I did a pretty darn good job, making it for that long, but 21 minutes is not 30 minutes, is it? {It's not...}

Yesterday, I made another attempt at running for 30. I made it to 21...and ran for another 9!! I made it. And, last night J and I clocked how far I'd run and it was 3.1 miles!! Almost a 5K.

My plan is to run that a few more times before I actually start doing the training. It's quite daunting to think that at the end of that training I'll be running more than 13 miles. Crazy!

Wish me luck...I'll probably need it.