Well, that made me nervous!

Do you watch Big Brother? If you don't, you should definitely start. Here are my reasons:

1. It's on 3 {yep...threeeeee} nights a week. Too much to handle, you say? No...it's awesome! So much happens each time, it's so good.

2. This show keeps you guessing. Each episode is completely different. Who's going to win Head of Household (HOH)? Who will win the Power of Veto (POV)? Who's going to be evicted? Never.a.dull.moment.

and, 3. Everyone has to have a guilty pleasure, right? This happens to be {one of} mine!

Anyway, tonight was awesome! But, before it all began, I was pretty nervous. Jeff was given the power of coup d'etat by America, and this was final week to be able to use it, or he lost it.

He did not disappoint! He took down both of Chima's nominations and put up Natalie & Jessie {yessss!} And, eventually Jessie {sucka!} was sent home. Good riddance. You didn't win BB10 and you ain't {I know...} winnin' BB11.

This guy lost. Twice.

If you watch, you know that Chima was not happy at all. I didn't realize that both Jeff and {former HOH} Chima could play in the new HOH competition...a little scary for Jeff if you ask me. But, things worked out {hopefully} because Michele won. And Michele is a bit of a tricky one. She has no allegiance to anyone, or maybe she does and we'll find out to whom she has it.

Tune in on Sunday on CBS.