On Thursday we were asked to take pictures of the food at Seven47 again. {Yep, I took such fab pics the first time, they wanted us -- me-- back for more}

We were there for Slider Thursday. There are nine different kinds of sliders -- crab cake, philly cheese steak, regular cheeseburgers, etc. They're really good and definitely a good price. Anyway, we hit the side patio again and took pics of all nine kinds of sliders.

Here are some of them:

They look pretty darn good right? They definetely taste as good as they look. If you're in the Norman area on a Thursday... go! Or, really, any night...they serve food seven days a week.

Here are a couple other pics I took after the serious slider photography was over. I think they turned out really cool.

Those are just pics I took because I really liked the light coming through the beer bottles. I love that the focal point in both is a little different. I think I'm starting to get a hang of this photography thing.