Yesterday started as most Fridays do...wanting it to be over, so we can just get to the weekend, already, please.

But, after finishing a few magazine deliveries, J and I stopped into the University Bookstore for a little perusing. Once we'd made our purchase, we headed back to the car. We had a couple other things to finish at the office and then we had to take a picture of the patio at Othello's and then we were meeting the Landgrafs for dinner.

Uhhh...that's when the day when to ***t. Yep, got to my car, turned the key....NOTHING. Not even a ticking noise, like the battery was trying to start. Nothing. We tried a few more times, to no avail. And, of course there was some other weird ticking noise {making me especially nervous}.

We called Vic and he got some jumper cables and headed our way {thankfully!}. We hooked up our cars {we were so lucky to have parked somewhere that had fabulous access for jumping a car}. After just 5 minutes or so, my car started...yay!!! But, it just didn't feel right.

We went back to our office {left the car running} to turn off computers, get the rest of our things, only to go back to Campus Corner to take a photo. We had to find another jumping-accessible parking spot, just in case. When I turned off my car, I knew it wouldn't start again, unless it was jumped...and sure enough, around 7 or so, when we went back to retrieve my phone, nothing {again}.

J and I went about our business...photo and dinner with Tara & Justin. By 9ish, we were finished and had to have them jump my car again.

We made it home ok {thank the Lord!} and left the car running while we picked up the dogs.

As of now, the car is sitting in front of our house...dead...as a doornail. It'll be hitting the Ford service department early Monday morning, and if I don't get a loaner car...I'll be P-I-S-E-D {pised? -- name that movie}.

Have a great weekend!