Catch Up

This week has been pretty run-of-the-mill for us. I know I said I would tell you guys about what the doc said about Lily, but John and I haven't firmly decided what we're going to do, so I wanted to wait until then.

But...last night Top Chef started {!}, tonight Project Runway starts {!} and then Saturday we're headed to OKC to stay at the Skirvin for what should be a very fun wedding! I have the best of intentions to take my camera, so keep your fingers crossed that I remember!

Anyway, yesterday, while John and his brother {mainly his bro...thanks Vic!} were mowing the yard, I took the camera out of the bag and took some pics of the dogs. I got a couple cute pics of them licking the floor {they love to do that after we put treats in their toy...eeew!}. But, then, right on cue, of course, I got up off the floor to take a few more pics and Gus got a hold of the lens cap and chewed on it. Ugh!

I checked and ordered a new one...

You cannot leave that dog unsupervised for a second. Anyway, here are a couple of the pics of the pugs.