This past weekend was really quite uneventful.

J had a golf tournament {it was rain delayed back in May} on Saturday, and although he didn't win, I know he had a fabulous time...he always does.

I spent my Saturday at the bank, getting gas and then hittin' the garage to sand down the table I mentioned here. The electric sander wasn't in tip-top shape and therefore made for a little bit of frustration. Luckily it was able to get the top and bottom shelf sanded and then I opted to sand by hand the rest of the time.

I still need to vacuum the table {kinda weird? I know, but it's all I can think of anything else that will get all of the dust off quickly without much hassle}, prime the table, paint the table and find a fabulous new drawer knob, and voila!

So, as you can read...we weren't all that interesting this past weekend. But, there's always next weekend, which promises to be better than last!