Switch It, Change It!

So, yesterday I decided to change up my usual workout regimen and tried a little swimming.

I'd done a VERY condensed version on the 4th of July (c'mon, no real work out on a holiday!) and thought it would be a good change in my usual weekly workouts. So, I hit the in-laws' pool for 40 minutes.

The first 5 went by about as slow as you can imagine, but I plugged right along and before I knew it, I'd been in the pool for 25 mins...only 15 to go! By the time my 40 minutes were up, I was already soooo sore! I mean, seriously, my left shoulder was way sore as well as my left ankle...so much kicking and paddling.

By the time I'd gotten home and taken a shower, I was crazy sore, we're talking to the point where lifting my arm was a bit painful. Anyway, I took some Glutamine (fancy weightlifting/workout supplement) and by today I'm much less sore.

Needless to say, I've got swimming permanently (well, the summer anyway) in my workout repertoire! Yeah!