It's Now or Never

The time has come!

I mentioned previously that I have a table that I want to sand down and repaint for our bedroom. And, as luck would have it, someone we know has an electric sander as well as the other handy stuff you need to sand down and repaint furniture. (This is my first foray into this business, so I'm crossing my fingers that it'll turn out just as I picture it.)

J has a golf tourney this weekend, so I'm a golf-widow on Saturday and I think that's my day. So, when I get started, I'll be sure to take pictures before, during and after.

I'm beyond excited to actually do this, because I have another table that's a little more ornate that I also want to sand down and paint RED!

Anyway, send your thoughts my way on Saturday as this could either the best idea I've ever had or a complete fail.