Carry On!

Well, we've been pretty booooring lately. But, we managed to sneak in a little fun with a couple of girlfriends of mine and their husband/fiance.

Last Friday was pretty darn crazy. We hit the road for Guthrie (which is quite a trek from our neck of the woods) for John's friend's fiance's birthday (I know, could it get any more complicated??). It was her 27th, and we all know how those birthdays can be as we get older and older....booo!

We were only able to stay there for a couple of hours, because John and I were off to see Pat Green at Riverwind! The last time I saw Pat Green in concert was freshman year of college (yeah, we're talking 8 years ago) at what was formerly Red Dirt, and, get this...I didn't really know who he was at the time. Yep, I'd heard his name, but had NO IDEA what he sang!

But this go-round, I know who he is and I have many-a-song that I love! So, needless to say, this concert was a lot better than my first Pat Green encounter.

Anyway, we had dinner and then headed up to Riverwind for the concert.

The concert was great! A little short (no opener and about 1 hour 45 mins), but no complaints other than that. Afterward, we decided to hit the casino for a while. I tried to play a little slots, but I just couldn't make myself put the money in there--I DON'T like losing!

We had a fabulous time and definitely need more times like this one!

Probably the best mullet we've ever seen! (the picture just doesn't do it justice!)

The group! (Me, John, Missy, Sam, Sarah & Tyler)

The boys!

Me & John (luckily we got one where I didn't have crazy eyes...)

The girlies!