Well, Lily is back from the Vet (yesterday) and she's pretty much fine. She's pretty torn up from the surgery (I have pics, but I'll spare you...).

The good news is that they got the two tumors that we took her in for, the bad news is that they found "many more like those" and ended up taking out 5. Yep, I said five. They've sent them off to OSU for testing, and we should have those results in about 2 weeks or so. The also did a chest x-ray of sorts to make sure that her chest and lungs were ok, and they were fine -- no signs of tumors. But, they made note of where they found all the other spots on her.

She's on some meds: a steroid (that's right, no baseball for our gal) to hopefully shrink the spots they found and to stave off more tumors/spots from showing up and some kind of medicine that helps with gastrointestinal fluid (tmi??).

So...she's medicated and really getting around pretty well, but we're watching her like a hawk.

Maybe when the stitches are out and she's healing up more, I'll post a pic.

Also, John and I saw the Hangover tonight. It was hilarious! So funny...good lines, good actors, everything was great! And I heard they're already planning to do a sequel! Jackpot!