Good Times

So, a good friend from college was back in town this weekend for a fundraiser event and he played at VZDs in OKC.

We hadn't seen him or heard him play in forever, so we made the trek up to OKC to hang out with friends and hear some good music.

We met up with the Burkharts (ha! first time since they're awesome wedding!) and randomly, (well probably not randomly, but unbeknownst to us) Tiff was there! Last time I saw her was also at B's wedding, but it was great to get to hang out and have a drink with some good friends.

Beth, Me & Tiff...she's pretty good at the self pic, huh?

Beth and Me

Christopher Wray and his OKC band

John & Tiff (again she's pretty darn good at the self pic)

Anyway, we had a great time, and got home a little later than I thought, but it was definitely worth the drive to see good friends and hear good music.