The Good, Bad & Sick

In the last couple of days, kind of a lot has happened.

John woke up on Monday feeling awful. He took some DayQuil, Advil, Zyrtec (I know...he's like his own little pharmacist) but still couldn't shake the sick. So, after waking up feeling just as awful on Tuesday, I flexed my wife muscle and made him an appointment with the doctor. Good thing I did, too, because he had "bronchitis, or worse" and was given some strong cough syrup and a z-pack of sorts. Still no real upgrade in feeling, so if by Friday he hasn't improved (or even at the end of z-pack) we're headed back to the doctor. Boo!

In other news, the vet called us on Monday morning to check in on Lily and to give us an idea of what he has planned for her. (She had a tumor removed last August and when the info on the biopsy came back she was Stage 2 -- out of 3 -- cancer) So, with so many new spots showing up, it seems it might be time to make a plan for our little gal.

We're headed back in tomorrow morning to get her stitches removed (I know, such a quick healer!) and I guess we'll set up our first of our every-three-week appointments. That's part of his plan. See her every three weeks to see how the steroid is working. He also mentioned chemo. And, this is where it gets tricky...

Chemo for a dog, as you can imagine, is going to be pretty darn expensive. Plus, as much as we absolutely love her and are soooo glad that she's a part of our family, I just can't get my head around chemo for a I cruel???

So, I guess we'll see how that goes.

In much happier news, a few weeks back, we got new windows!!! We only did 6 this summer (so we could now be in compliance with Energy Star, and thus, receive our up to 30% rebate on our taxes next year!!). We plan to do the rest of the windows next summer and FINALLY put in that back door we've talked about since we moved in three.years.ago.

Here are a couple pics of the mess/installation of one of our new windows!!