If you have already noticed, I'm trying to make concerted effort at keeping this thing up to date ... and I think I've done a pretty good job lately, right? Plenty of info and plenty of pics! Go me!

Anyway, today's been pretty run of the mill for Sunday. It's father's day so we went to church and then brunch/lunch at Legends! That place is so good, and (not coincidentally) we're headed back there tomorrow night for John's grandmother's birthday dinner, complete with her 97 year old mother!

I've been reading a few other design blogs lately and I'm going crazy! All these other ladies have the best eye for design and great (cheap!) ideas, and it's making me want to go out and get all the same stuff they have! Since I'm currently without a car (making some weird noise, of course they have to order the part and no, there isn't a loaner car that I can have), I'm stuck at John's mercy, which (as if you're surprised) does not include Hobby Lobby, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Pier One....etc. You get the picture.

But I've got some great ideas and I even have a few things at home that I want to spray paint, sand down and paint, hang to keep me satisfied until I have my freedom back!

In other news, I've been pretty bad on the workout train. I'll have my good weeks, but others are day of working out...maybe two (if that!). But, I'm determined to get back on my schedule. I've done so well at getting in shape and losing weight, I don't want all of my hard work to go down the drain. So, this is it. I'm getting up in the mornings to run again and I'm going to have to start writing everything down again...whatever works right??

Ok, sorry if this is boring, but like I said, I'm trying to be good at posting on here, mundane or not! And, I promise more pictures in my posts in the future!