Back to the Internet, Ben Stone

So, after almost a month without the internet, we're back in business. We had a guy come out last week to fix up our new Dish receiver and somehow he fixed the phone in the back, the internet and John's PS3. Huzzah! 

So, I'm hoping the return on the internet, means the return of posting on our quiet little blog. 

We spent Memorial Weekend by the pool and at the lake. Unfortunately, the camera was out-0-battery and still had pics from B's Bachelorette on there, so no pics of that fun time. 

But, speaking of B...she gets married this weekend. This day is a year in the making (although time really flew by and doesn't feel anything like a year in the making) and I'm so excited that I'll get to share that day with she and Blake. So, as long as things go as planned I will have pics from those festivities this weekend!

But, also, just as a quick mention, I have to say congrats to the Newsomes who have an adorable baby girl, Ali, and they just took the cutest pics! Check 'em out, because if you live in the Dallas/Plano/McKinney area, this photographer looks like she does an awesome job!

Over and out.