So, in the last MONTH, John and I have been quite busy. As I mentioned, I visited Beth on her last weekend in Tahlequah, spent faux St. Patty's day in Dallas with our fab friends, we spent 5 days in DC (one of which was my 26th bday!), refinanced our house (down more than a percentage point!), and we've had quite a few visits at the vet for Gus and his poor right paw.

The crazy hail that came down on Monday March 30

On Monday night (ahem, the best night of tv!), the weather was fabulous, but turned stormy that night. We thought we were only getting some thunderstorms, but alas, we got like an inch of hail! Our back door could barely open because it was blocked by so much hail. And, in that pic above it looks like snow is falling, but that's hail. Luckily, it was marble-sized and didn't do any damage to our roof or either of our cars. Unfortunately, I found out that my parents had a horrible hail storm a week earlier and my mom's car was damaged and my dad's car was damaged so badly it's pretty much totalled!

Me & John at my bday dinner at Oceanaire in D.C.

So, our 5 days in DC were so fun! We started sorta rough (3 am wake up for a 6:30 non-non-stop flight -- thats another story!), but once we were there, we had a great time! We shopped around Georgetown (always a good time), ate great food, saw some fabulous museums and cool pieces of history, hung out with fun people, and had PLENTY of laughs. I have this great picture of John, Vic and I imitating an NNA guy and his "famous" stance. I'll have to post it next time.

Tina, Gen, Jessica, Kelly, Libby & Me

So, John and I took a one-day vacay to Dallas for what I like to call, faux St. Pattys day. We headed down on the Saturday before the real St. Pattys and met up with all these lovely ladies to celebrate. John was a big trooper for hanging tough for all of that girl time. We went to a house party then to a bar to watch the Baylor game (in the Big 12 tourney...I know, soooo long ago!). It was so fun, although while reflecting on Sunday, John and I both felt as though we'd been very obnoxious. I hope no one else noticed!!

That's Gus with his first bandage.

So, Gus had his poor little right paw (atleast it wasn't his dominant left paw) stepped on about a week and a half ago and after a week of limping and minimal bleeding we finally took him to the vet. Turned out one of his nails was partially torn off. We're hoping a week in a bandage and some meds will help it to heal back. If not, we'll be having a minor surgery to have that nail removed. The vet said that most times the nail won't grow back. We'd be down to only 31 nails scratching the tile :(

And, finally, this weekend we headed to McKinney for a baby shower for our friends Thomas and Jennie. It was a great time. The shower was supposed to last from 4-6, but by the time 8 pm. rolled around we were all still hanging out having a great time! We're really excited for Thomas and Jennie and their baby (very soon) on the way. With only a month left, Jennie looks great and has the nursery pretty much ready to go. 

Whew! Long post! I've got to be better about posting more often! Anyway, Easter is next weekend -- I can't more be excited to finally be able to do some online shopping/browsing. It's been a long 40 days!