In with the new!

So, John and I have been looking for the past 3 years or so (not actively looking, but always checking) for an armoire for our tv in the living room. Well, after having a great afternoon of lunch and shopping with Beth in OKC, I decided to stop by Hobby Lobby in Norman before heading home. 


A beautiful, huge black armoire. At first I thought the price was slashed because one of them had some slight damage (which I thought was completely unnoticeable -- is that a word?), but I soon found out that all furniture at Hobby Lobby was 30% off. Gotta love that place, you have to work REALLY hard to pay full price there!

Anyway, John went back up to Norman with me later that evening and we looked at it and really thought it over. By Sunday, it was decided, we were GETTING the armoire!! 

Tuesday: After successfully turning the most recent issue into the 
press and running the few errands we needed to get done, we headed to HL to make our purchase. As we're standing in line, the check out girl made a comment about how she liked my earrings, I said thanks and told her they were from Forever21 and therefore, they were cheap. Well, I guess she thought I was very nice and deserving of an extra 10% off (yep, you read that right!). 

She rings us up, and takes 40% off!!!! Soooo fabulous. We got $450 off that flipping amazing armoire. We took it home and that's when things got a bit dicey for a few. The armoire didn't have enough room (we only have 8' ceilings) to stand up, but then we set it on its back and pulled it up there and hurrah! it fit! So, here are a couple of pics of it in the living room. We still have yet to get our tv and all the other business in there, but we're working on it. In fact, last night, we drilled more holes in there for all the sucky cords that'll be running around: